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Cake Magazine are now accepting submissions for ISSUE 10. This year’s deadline is November 30th 2017 (30/11/2017). We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next issue!

For more information, go to our submissions page or email

Cake: A Local Recipe is out now!

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Cake: A Local Recipe is a special issue of the magazine produced in collaboration with the Lancaster Words Festival. It focuses on the town of Lancaster where Cake is produced, and features locally-based artists and writers who have been inspired by the charm of this beautiful part of the country. This issue of Cake features a glossy laminated cover and colour pages featuring wonderful artwork. Writers in this issue include Eoghan Walls, Andrew McMillan, Martha Sprackland and Tajinder Singh Hayer. This is a limited edition slice of Cake magazine that is not to be missed!

You can order yourself a copy or five from here, for only £5.

We’re now open for submissions for Cake Magazine – the Lancaster Words edition!

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Cake Magazine are looking for submissions for an exciting special issue of the publication! We are specifically requesting writing about the town of Lancaster in the United Kingdom and the surrounding areas, or writing from those who live or study locally. However, we would also welcome submissions from any writer that focus on the themes of: Landscape, the North of England, or Great Britain more generally. We’re open for submissions until the 10th of May, so please get your writing sent to us soon at Good luck!

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