Cake 7: Beetroot Bake

Cake 7: Beetroot Bake

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Summer 2015


Method by Kate Horsely
Linger by Sarah Corbett
A critical essay by Isla Anderson (Lancaster Writing Awards criticism winner)


Chloe Clark, Holly Reaney, Sarah Taylor-Fergusson, Georgia Gildea, Clare Tierney (Lancaster Writing Awards poetry winner), Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Josie Tutty, Catherine Whitmore, Alan Buckley, Neil Fulwood, Ashleigh R Davies, Scott Elder, Rebecca Bird, K T Billey, Sara Henry, David Sergeant, Momina Mela, Robert James Berry, Art Allen, Noel Williams, Adrian Slatcher, David Callin, Phoebe Walker, Stuart Charlesworth, A C Bevan, Amy Charles

Flash Fiction

Vincent Poturico, Krishan Coupland, Rhoda Greaves, a short story by Laura Rosenheim (Lancaster Writing Awards fiction winner), Gary Duncan


Jane Hirshfield’s The Beauty by Tom Ley

Illustrations by Amelia Tizley

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