Cake 4: Cherry Bakewell

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Summer 2012

Guest Editorial

Jon Stone reminds us what’s important about sharing the poetry world


The Method – J.T. Welsch on poetry in the darkroom
Linger – Ian McMillan on a decade of The Verb
Faye Lipson interviews Daljit Nagra


Jon Stone . James Mason . Namita Krishnamurthy . Iona Carmichael . Sarah Chapman . Fielding Ronshaugen . Arndt Britschgi . Theophilus Kwek . Patrick Widdess . Adam Lowe . Orchid Tierney . Carl Griffin . Lesley Jackson . Richie McCaffery . Jonny Rodgers . Idris Caffrey . J.T. Welsch . Steve Sawyer . Nigel Hutchinson . David Tait . Caleb Klaces . Ian McMillan . Evie Cassandra Ioannidi . David Cooke . Jim Bennett . Elizabeth Johnson . Patrick McEvoy . Neil Leadbeater . Michael Bartholomew-Biggs . Matthew Hedley Stoppard . Flora Baker . Steve Taylor . Chloe Stopa-Hunt


Chloe Stopa-Hunt on Jeremy Reed’s Bona Vada
Faye Lipson on Daljit Nagra’s Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!!
Lavinia Singer on Sarah Broom’s Tigers at Awhitu

Illustrations by Naomi Smith

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