Cake 3: Key Lime

Cake 3: Key Lime

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Autumn 2011

With a guest editorial from Mandy Coe, and contributions to our regular features from Helen Mort and Helen Ivory, Cake Issue 3 emerges after much hard work. We’re very proud of it, do take a look and see what you think…

Guest Editorial

Mandy Coe on The Resilience of Poetry

Regular Features

Helen Mort – Linger
Helen Ivory – The Method


Mandy Coe . Peter Daniels . Geoff Stevens . Eliza Dear . Mark Russell . Terry Kelly . Joe Dresner . Sarah Jayne Kipling . Jo Brandon . Ron Scowcroft . Helen Ivory . Linda Mills . Robert Marsland . Ian C Smith . John Bosley . Andrew Kennealy . Abegail Morley . Scott Morris . Cassandra O’Loughlin . Simon Barraclough


Joe Dresner on Paul Muldoon’s Maggot
Mark Burns Cassell on Helen Mort’s A Pint for the Ghost
Andrew McMillan on J. T. Welsch’s Orchids
Wes Brown on Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap

Illustrations by Naomi Smith

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