Cake 8 – Black Forest Gateau



Summer 2016

Features: Method by Deborah Andrews and Linger by Naomi Kruger

Poetry/ Fiction: James Parris, Jean Stevens, Adam Day, Sophie Carroll (Lancaster Writing Awards poetry winner), Robert Hamberger, Jacob Wright, Howard Sage, Mitchell Grabois, C. R. Resetarits, Stephen Phillip Druce, Alex Hughes, Jessica O’Shea, Ben Banyard, Jill Abram, Maggie Dubris, Lewis Kelly, Matthew Friday, Ryan Bowd, Suzi Shimwell, Gareth Writer-Davies, Michael Loveday, Adam Day, Kathryn Pallant, Hannah Graham (Lancaster Writing Awards fiction winner), James Sayer, Anuradha Rao, Sayuri Ayers, Turner Freeman (Lancaster Writing Awards criticism winner), James Davey

Review of Zelda Chappel’s The Girl in the Dog-Tooth Coat by Tom Ley

Illustrations by Romany Stott (@RomanyStott)



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