Cake 6 – Lemon Drizzle

Cake 6: Lemon Drizzle

Summer 2014

Guest Editorial: Paul Farley ‘Notes On Being Stood Up’.

Features: Method by Polly Atkin, Linger by Nicholas Royle and A Slice Of… by Andrew Graham-Yooll.

Poetry: Martin Bennett, Christina Thatcher, Christopher Crawford, Michael Askew, Polly Atkin, James Davey, Rowland Bagnall, Matthew Howard, Graham Burchell, Ann Douglas, Kate Weston, Jen DeGregorio, Lizette Martinez, Andrew Graham-Yooll, Julie Mellor, Kiran Hargrave, Beth McDonough, Julian Colton, Anna Robinson, Andy Hickmott, James Norcliffe, Jacquline Smith, Tess Jolly, Idris Caffrey and David Carey.

Flash Fiction: Carla Scarano D’Antonio, Claudia Serea, Kevin Tosca, Gwyn Ruddell Lewis and Derrick Buttress.

Reviews: Tom Ley (Alexander Hutchinson Bones & Breath Salt:2013) and Carl Griffin (Camellia Stafford Letters to the Sky Salt:2013).

Illustrations: Beth Ward




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