Cake 1 - Battenberg
Cake 1 – Battenberg

Autumn 2009 – Cake is born! Treats lie within…

Guest Editorial:
George Szirtes on The Slice of It

Regular Features:
Ian Gregson – Linger
Cliff Yates – The Method

Mark Burns Cassell on Arto Vaun’s Capillarity
Carolyn Richardson on Mike Wilson’s Desperanto and Kevin Cadwallender’s Dancing With Vowels

Poetry from: Jacob Silkstone . David Tait . David Floyd . Rowena Knight . Jennifer Clarke . Roddy Lumsden . Leo Schulz . Julie-Rose Clark . Kylie Rogers . Fay Musselwhite . Andrew Wynn Owen . Ray Succre . Neil Elder . Andrew Bailey . Kate Kilalea . Graham Hardie . Michael Reffold . Angela France . James Trevelyan . Joolz Denby . Stephen Emmerson . Rosie Blagg . Annie Clarkson . Anthony Caleshu . Matthew Howard . Gaia Holmes . John Clegg . Ira Lightman . Ben Ashwell . Adham Smart . Gareth Durasow . Jessica Silcock . David Morley . Amy Blakemore.


Cake 2 - Carrot Cake
Cake 2 – Carrot Cake

Autumn 2010 – A bumper 88-page treat of a magazine, bursting with poetry, flash fiction, reviews and illustrations.

Guest Editorial:
Luke Kennard on Things Out of Place

Regular Features:
Helen Farish – Linger
Peter Sansom – The Method

Cath Nichols on Live Poetry

Poetry from: Luke Kennard . Cath Nichols . Hugh Thomson . Matt Bryden . Geoff Stevens . Sarah Hymas . Alice Lander . Steve Urwin . Joe Boswell . Sue Burge . Anthony Webster . Charlotte Gann . Martin Fraser . Philip Beverley . Laura Solomon . Amy West . Noel Williams . Geoff Hattersley . Iain Britton . Andrea D’Urso . Emily Bagshaw . Ashley Bovan . Jacob Silkstone . Alexandra Lister . James Trevelyan . Roger Southard . Rosemary Merriman . Michael Egan . Melanie Graham . Nina Boyd . Steve Ely . Andrew Wynn Owen

Mark Burns Cassell on Grace Nichols’ Picasso I Want My Face Back
Sarah Hymas on Bloodaxe’s Voice Recognition and the Faber New Poets
Ben Ladouceur on Gavin Selerie’s Music’s Duel
Andrew McMillan on Lachlan Mackinnon’s Small Hours
Carolyn Richardson on Janet Sutherland’s Hangman’s Acre and Harriet Torr’s My Father’s Pot

Naomi Smith


Cake 3 - Key Lime
Cake 3 – Key Lime

Autumn 2011

With a guest editorial from Mandy Coe, and contributions to our regular features from Helen Mort and Helen Ivory, Cake Issue 3 emerges after much hard work. We’re very proud of it, do take a look and see what you think…

Guest Editorial:
Mandy Coe on The Resilience of Poetry

Regular Features:
Helen Mort – Linger
Helen Ivory – The Method

Mandy Coe . Peter Daniels . Geoff Stevens . Eliza Dear . Mark Russell . Terry Kelly . Joe Dresner . Sarah Jayne Kipling . Jo Brandon . Ron Scowcroft . Helen Ivory . Linda Mills . Robert Marsland . Ian C Smith . John Bosley . Andrew Kennealy . Abegail Morley . Scott Morris . Cassandra O’Loughlin . Simon Barraclough

Joe Dresner on Paul Muldoon’s Maggot
Mark Burns Cassell on Helen Mort’s A Pint for the Ghost
Andrew McMillan on J. T. Welsch’s Orchids
Wes Brown on Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap

Naomi Smith


Cake 4 - Cherry Bakewell
Cake 4 – Cherry Bakewell

Summer 2012

This fourth issue features a guest editorial from Jon Stone and contributions to our regular slots from J.T. Welsch and Ian McMillan.

Guest Editorial:
Jon Stone reminds us what’s important about sharing the poetry world

The Method – J.T. Welsch on poetry in the darkroom
Linger – Ian McMillan on a decade of The Verb
Faye Lipson interviews Daljit Nagra

Jon Stone . James Mason . Namita Krishnamurthy . Iona Carmichael . Sarah Chapman . Fielding Ronshaugen . Arndt Britschgi . Theophilus Kwek . Patrick Widdess . Adam Lowe . Orchid Tierney . Carl Griffin . Lesley Jackson . Richie McCaffery . Jonny Rodgers . Idris Caffrey . J.T. Welsch . Steve Sawyer . Nigel Hutchinson . David Tait . Caleb Klaces . Ian McMillan . Evie Cassandra Ioannidi . David Cooke . Jim Bennett . Elizabeth Johnson . Patrick McEvoy . Neil Leadbeater . Michael Bartholomew-Biggs . Matthew Hedley Stoppard . Flora Baker . Steve Taylor . Chloe Stopa-Hunt

Chloe Stopa-Hunt on Jeremy Reed’s Bona Vada
Faye Lipson on Daljit Nagra’s Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!!
Lavinia Singer on Sarah Broom’s Tigers at Awhitu

Naomi Smith